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October 28, 2005.

Lucky TOZE Tells The Winner Story About His Win On Booster At Slotland Casino.

slotland 98TOZE told us about his winning experience at Slotland this month. This story does not tell the ultimate tale of winning the progressive jackpot, it does indicate how easy and often players win, especially if they play at Slotland where the average payouts for the slots are certified at 98%! Here is what the winner tells:

"I have been playing at Slotland for a little over 4 years. One of my favorites is Booster and I play that quite a bit. Along the way I've noticed, at least for me, Booster is either stone cold where sometimes you can spin 50 times before you get a hit or if you hit it at the right time, it is hot, hot, hot. But in all the times I've played Booster, I have never seen anything like this."

"It was a Sunday , and I had been playing practically through the entire week without much luck. I kept jumping from game to game, and that particular day I must have gone back and forth from Booster to Treasure Box to Striking 7s at least 50 times. By late afternoon, I was ready to quit but I gave Booster one last shot. My first spin was three $ signs, but because I was playing the minimum bet, it was only $15. I was so upset because I thought that was probably the only good hit all day and I had to be playing low. I didn't increase my bet yet, but 2 spins later, I got another three $ signs. Now that was 2 big hits I had missed. I decided to increase my bet to $2 and sure enough the next 10 spins produced nothing. I was just about to quit when there came another three $ signs, and another, and another, and another, 4 in a row! I thought, this has to be the end for sure, so I stayed with the $2 bet. 7 more spins produced nothing but the 8th came another three $ signs, and 5 more in a row after that! But of course, I couldn't believe there could be more, so I stayed with my $2 bet because I hated to lose what I had won, which was over $600 now," continued the winner.

"The next 3 spins, nothing, but then it started again, 4 more $ signs every other spin. By the time I got enough courage to increase my bet to max., I had only caught the last $ sign for $150. I stayed with max bet and hit $100 and $75. Now I was up to $875. As fast as it came, that is as fast as it left. I then lost $150 before I realized there were no more $ signs coming. But I was very happy with the $700 I had won. There were a total of 15 $ signs within 2 minutes of play! Now that is something I had never seen before."

"At one point I wondered if I was really hitting or if this was a malfunction, but when I looked at my account, the money was there. Slotland, you never cease to amaze me," added the winner.

Well Done TOZE! Slotland casino has also placed $1,000 into his account (remember, VIP Players get DOUBLE the reward!) and hope that he see lots more $ at Slotland!

Source: Slotland

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